When Should You Get Replacement Windows?

When Should You Get Replacement Windows?Sometimes determining when it is best to get replacement windows can be crystal clear. Maybe you have cracked windows, your windows are old and worn, or your windows do not open or close reliably. In cases such as these, it is easy to tell that the time has come to replace your home's windows. Unfortunately, the right time for widow replacement is not always as obvious as a broken pane.

Your Energy Bill Has Been Going Up

One of the first signs that you may need to go ahead and see about getting Durham replacement windows for your home is if you have noticed any increase in your energy bill. Though the solution may not always be window related in this case, as there's plenty of other factors that can figure into the picture as far as heating and cooling are concerned, replacing your Durham windows is still not necessarily a bad idea.

An inefficient heater, furnace, or A/C system can be the central problem when it comes to your energy costs, but installing new windows can help solve that problem. Windows serve as a portal outside, through which precious energy dollars can easily escape, putting even more strain on your home climate control unit. The effect of this energy loss can be stymied with new window installation.

You should especially consider replacing your single pane windows, as these are the least energy-efficient form of window design and offer incredibly poor insulation. Switching to double-pane windows that are ENERGY STAR rated is a great alternative to inefficient single panes. Double-paned, or even triple-paned windows for your Durham home well help keep your energy bill stable by keeping heating and cooling costs down.

The Department of Energy even recommends window replacement as a means to lower your heating and cooling costs. Durham window replacement is a much more cost-effective alternative to overhauling your heating and cooling system. New window installation can help save even more money by cutting back your reliance on indoor lighting, allowing more natural light to illuminate your home's interior.

Condensation On Your Windows

In the case of double and triple-paned windows, you might begin to notice condensation starting to build up between the panes. While this might not seem serious at a glance, this is potentially one of the first signs that you should see about getting them replaced.

Condensation will naturally occur on the outside of your windows, but when it is happening between the panes this means that the seals have failed, allowing moisture to seep in between the glass panels. Allowed to continue this will negatively affect your heating and cooling costs, as the double or triple-paned windows are no longer acting as a barrier to cold air. This means that cold air is seeping into your house through these uninsulated windows during the winter, negatively effecting the energy-efficiency of your home.

It Sure is Drafty In Here

If you have begun to notice a drafty sensation in rooms of your Durham house, you need to get your windows replaced right away. Being able to feel a draft means that the seal on your windows has completely failed. Whereas the seal between panes on double and triple-paned windows affects the insulation of the glass, a draft means that the sealing around your window has deteriorated and is no longer doing its job.

Without a proper seal acting as a barrier between the inside of your home and the elements, you might as well be trying to heat the outside of your home, as that is exactly what your heater is trying to do. This will put significant strain on your climate control system which may cause it to freeze up and fail, potentially resulting in repair costs that are much more expensive than replacing your Durham windows.

Have a Professional Contractor Install Your Windows

When it is time to replace your Durham windows, make certain that you have the work done by an experienced professional. The option is available to use many home improvement stores to purchase new windows and take the DIY approach, but this could lead to problems own the road if you are not experienced, resulting in actually costing you more money.

A professional window installation contractor can assess the window replacement for any other problems, make sure the seals are perfect, and offer advice for the best energy saving options. The last thing you want is to spend the money on a new window and for the installation to not go right, resulting in damage, or no impact on your heating and cooling costs. The assistance of a window replacement contractor is a must when looking to get the job done right.

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